Released February 19, 2016

Distant Horsemean CD cover


Comprising twelve instrumental selections, the album Distant Horseman is conceptually both a spiritual and a seasonal journey. It begins with introspective and hauntingly beautiful songs such as the Appalachian-tinged A Bend in the River and the Celtic-influenced title song, Distant Horseman. A Night So Cold continues the winter theme, having been actually written on a such a night. The emotional turning point comes with Forgiven, a deeply-inspired orchestral revelation, which leads into the joyful and spring-like Colors Dancing. A series of three love songs follow, including the charming Ecstasy Eyes and the lively 3/4-time Summer’s Dance. The lilting and joyous finale is Luminous Wake, Starlit Sea. More info here.

Review Excerpts:

Blue Wolf Reviews    

Hauntingly  beautiful the piano, overlayed with the demanding tones of the violin played by Josie Quick, immediately take you to a place or space where there is a great sense of nothingness, of empty , endless distances, of great, intense immensity; a time for reflection, rebirth, understanding… Simply perfect!
New Age Music Guide
For me the high point on the album is “Ecstasy Eyes”. The gentle melody, with piano, violin and a vocal synth, is balancing perfectly on the edge of melancholy. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and shows that Timothy Wenzel is on par with artists such as Medwyn Goodall, Llewellyn and Marc Enfroy...I will end where I started; comparing “Distant Horseman” with literature. Its sound is so consistent that it feels like one story, one narrative. You just have to keep on listening to find out how it ends. “Distant Horseman” is Timothy Wenzel’s best album to date. Highly recommended!

Music and Media Focus    

Timothy’s music is diverse and can range from earthy to ethereal… Joining Timothy as a special guest on the musical voyage, here and throughout the album, is violinist Josie Quick… an exceptionally talented musician and an inspiring addition to Timothy’s imaginative album…
I enjoy the diversity of his music and not knowing  quite what to expect from one track to the next. And yet, within that diversity, the project as a whole feels like a unified body of work – like a book that is made up of different chapters. I also appreciate how Timothy builds his albums around well-defined themes that bring the listener into the world he has created. Distant Horseman is a visionary musical journey that will appeal to a wide listening audience.
Ed Karn
He is also a master of the (synthesizer) and augments the piano parts with a wide variety of instrumental sounds including: violin, cello, flute, woodwinds, harp, guitars, bass, drums and percussion.Additionally, he uses wordless vocalizing of men’s and women’s choirs. And he does it all so well!

Harmony Central    

If you like new age music you should definitely check out the new album from keyboard wiz Timothy Wenzel…  This popular new age multi-instrumentalist just keeps getting better and better. This is truly a magnificent new age recording, soft one moment (for relaxing and unwinding) but rhythmic and dynamic the next…


Distant Horseman is the fifth release from Timothy Wenzel. A pianist from a very early age with a wide variety of musical influences, Wenzel employs keyboards and synthesizers to orchestrate his colorful musical stories. Violinist Josie Quick is featured on ten of the twelve tracks, giving the strings a much more natural sound than keyboards alone can provide. The album was mastered by Corin Nelsen, assuring a warm and clear sound…. Distant Horseman is sure to follow Timothy Wenzel’s previous releases to the top of the charts! It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!


…the title track, “Distant Horseman”, (is) one of the album’s highlights; it bears the distinctive Celtic flavor that’s often present in Timothy’s music, combined with a Renaissance flare. Further enhanced by violin and acoustic guitar, they lend brief pause to an elegant piano interlude, conveying the feeling of dancing and twirling about in a pastoral meadow. The magical “A Night So Cold” is easily my favorite piece, characterized by cascading piano high-notes that surround accompanying violin, painting an image of a star-studded sky on a cold winter’s night…
Brushed with many classical and symphonic overtones, “Distant Horseman” is perhaps Timothy Wenzel’s most impressive album to date.

Veritas Vampirus

When I reviewed Tim Wenzel’s 2015 Summon the Wind, I mentioned any number of worthy correlates – Mannheim Steamroller, Gandalf, Ralph McTell, Penguin Café Orchestra, etc. – but the gent I neglected to insert was Brian Eno’s brother Roger, crafter of exquisite chamber musics…and I mean truly refined. With Distant Horseman, Wenzel now stands just behind him… Um, you DO know how to waltz, don’t you?

Karlee Thompson

You have this magnificent gift and the best part of that gift is that you share it with us. I love listening to this CD; it helps me achieve the "mindless" state so I can hear and see what is really there beyond this realm; it is the vehicle that takes me where I want to go. I enjoy the ride, Thank you Timothy.

Buzz Music

In new age music Timothy Wenzel came along a few years ago, made some waves in this particular genre, and now has released his fifth full-length recording, Distant Horseman… every tune is a bit different than the others, but still sounds good as a cohesive whole.  This one is highly recommended.